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At logomatshop.com we supply logo mats direct from the manufacturer. By using the internet we can offer top quality at fair prices.

Logomatshop offers a wide range of logo mats, admats, promotional matting, full color floormats, custom printed mats, carpet print, floorpromotion, admats like floorwindo, dustcontrol logo mats, outdoor spaghetti mats, spaghetti logomats, outdoor rubber mats, washable dustcontrol mats and so on.

Custom printed logo mats are ideal to welcome your customers and at the same time promotional mats are ideal admats to promote your message or corporate image. By custom printing are mats for some the minimum is only 1.

You can order a washable Master Print NBR Premium dustcontrol logo mats size 85 x 150 cm including your own design in up to 20 colorurs for only 144,20 euro, without VAT, including setup and shipping cost (Shipping cost, based on shipping to all EU countries).  Compare these prices to our competitors and you will find out that we offer good quality at fair prices.

Why logomatshop.com

  • more than 19 year experience in selling en producing logo mats.
  • Logomats / Admats Direct from the manufacturer at the lowest price.
  • Top quality, 2 year Guarantee on manufacturing defects (MP NBR Premium, Velour and Koko)
  • Form 1 till 100.000 pieces.
  • Special sizes and shapes
  • Free design proposal, even when you don't order there are no costs.
  • We always take time to answer all your questions.
  • We supply the whole of Europe.
  • Flat rate shipping cost of 20 euro for all EU countries (applies to MP NBR Premium, velour and koko)

The menu of the left shows the different products we offer. Can't find the product you are looking for, please call or mail us as we offer many more products.

Service is important for us and our customer service staff will answer all your question by phone or email. We are pro's in our field and logo mats is our core business.










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